Saturday, March 5, 2016

Life is Beauty Full (and a Free Printable)

The days come and go so quickly and if I am not incredibly intentional with my thoughts, they do just that....they come and they go.

Life is beauty FULL.  It is absolutely full of beauty if we open our eyes to it.  If we stop rushing around and slow down just long enough to notice the beauty in the day to day...the beauty in the mundane.
Every morning, the sunlight pours in through my laundry room window.  It cast itself in such a way that literally every time I stop for just a second and notice it, it captivates me. Every. Single. Time.
A messy kitchen counter on a Saturday beautiful. It means a slow morning, muffins, and happy kiddos.
Making coffee like we do every morning.  That stainless steel french press, the whipped coconut oil, and the thick golden honey swirling around in the almond's really quite beautiful.
and let's face it....I always think coffee is a beautiful thing.
The sun shines through our front windows, through the wooden blinds, and directs it's light onto ordinary, every day objects in the most beautiful way.  The brightly colored berries and oranges, my cup of coffee, and that succulent....I set it down and I looked over and I saw

The many creations of my inspiring little girl. She is beautiful. Her creations are beautiful. She sees beauty in everything and helps me to as well.

Slow down today. Look around you. At first glance, things seem just like they always are. But look again and take it in.

Life is Beauty Full.

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