So....I'm kind of a DiY junkie....if that's a thing. I'm calling it. It's a thing. I'm it.
I inherited the "I can do that myself" disease from my mother! We would go shopping and leave with not much more than loads of inspiration and a DiY list a mile long! Good times. 
I never outgrew that. I enjoy making things with my hands and using the creativity that God gave me. It brings me great joy and is totally life giving to me.
Now, I don't always get it right.  It's not always perfect. And my process is well, sometimes, a bit crazy and a lot messy.  But...I get it done and I figure out how!
I eyeball when I am hanging things. My husband gets out the level.  I often don't measure when I am sewing or wanting to build something small.  My husband takes measurements and makes his calculations.  Yeah, so I am basically saying, I need him!
 I also love making jewelry; one of a kind, special pieces that not only truly mean something but that also can give back.  You can find my creations at Teapots and Robots.

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