Friday, September 2, 2016

My Creative Space

Over the years, I have realized the importance of intentionally carving out time for myself; time to create.  It's truly therapeutic for me and energizing all at the same time.  God has created me in this way and I'll admit, it's been hard to find the balance at times.  But I think I am getting it now...or at least a little better anyway....or maybe not. It seems the minute that I think I've got it, I really don't so yeah....nevermind. ha!

My husband is very creative and crazy talented.  He is a musician and what many may not know, also an incredible artist.  It's always been very important to him and to me that he has a space to create music, a space to retreat and let the words come and inspiration flow.  I love this for him.

And now I have a space too. When we moved rooms around and created our master suite recently, I got this space to be my own. I am just so humbled and grateful for this room of mine. I make my jewelry here. I edit photos here. I work on lesson plans for the kids here. I blog here.  I paint here. I sew here.  And sometimes, I just come sit in here for a moment. It's a peaceful room and I look forward to cold winter days curled up in my favorite vintage orange chair with a book, a blanket, and some coffee.
It's also a private space where we can talk with others or listen, away from kiddos if needed. And the plan is to eventually incorporate a futon from the Novagratz 9 line that I've eyed for years so that people can stay over as well.
Here she is. :)
 This used to be our boys room.  The gray stripe was blue. I love the chalkboard stripe so I kept that and just painted over the blue with gray. 
*Those paintings are some of my husbands pieces.  It's ok, I am allowed to brag on him. ;)
My workspace. I also have a folding table tucked away behind the door that I pull out when I have several projects going and need more work space.
Guess who that is? 
Yep. That's the biggest photo known to man.  And that bright, amazing, ever so inspiring art piece is one of my mom's originals. Did I mention that my mom is crazy talented? She whoa! Go check her out on etsy here.  A link to her blog is listed to your right as well. Check her out!
The window next to my desk looks out over our garden in the backyard. I kind of love that.  And I can't get enough of succulents....even though I have not mastered how to keep them all alive yet.
 On our trip to Waco, TX to see dear friends, my boys got to go visit a metal scrap yard. My Aiden came back just gleaming with excitement over something he had found for me. He just knew I would love it and he was right!  That metal "e"....he just knows me so well.
Old wire baskets...I'm kind of obsessed.  I find them everywhere and I love them all!  Fill it with inspiring books and man, oh man!
I found this shoe rack at a flea market a year or so ago and knew right away that it was not going to hold my shoes. 

And the vintage hutch full of paints, sharpies, ribbons, stamps, packaged jewelry and happiness!

This space is peaceful and inspiring and energizing to me, all at the same time. I'm so thankful!  And listen, don't be afraid to make your home work for you and yours. Your home should reflect you and your family. It should reflect your desires and style and heart and it should function the way that your family needs it to.

A little advice if I may: take your time.  It takes time to settle into a house and decide exactly what it needs to truly be your home.  Collect pieces over time that you just love; found pieces that make you happy. Live in it for a while so you know exactly how things need to flow to make it the most functional.
My favorite thing ever is to find old pieces; pieces that to the naked eye may look ugly or boring and then bring them to life again!  I'm a spray paint kinda gal! ;)  You'd be surprised at the things I've used spray paint on and I bet you'd never know. 
I like affordable, unique, quirky, super functional, pieces with a story to tell.

Do you have a creative space or a room in your home that you love and truly reflects your style?  Throw a link in the comments and share! And if you don't have one yet, begin dreaming and planning and collecting today. :)