Thursday, August 25, 2016

Diy Master Bath Renovation

If you missed the previous post on our master bedroom renovation, you can check it out here.
And now, moving on to the new master bath!  I am pretty smitten with this bathroom...for a few reasons.  One being, I've never had my own private bathroom.  Two, I love love love the vintage style tiles on the floor.  There are others, like every single thing about it, so I won't bore you with the long list!
Oh, first let's look at a few before shots!
 This is the floor before.
This is the sink and countertop before.
And somehow in all of the excitement, I didn't get a full shot of the bathroom before! *sad face*
The walls were the same dingy paint color as the before bedroom pictures, as well as the cabinets.  The tiles, as you'll see, were a light beige.
 The floor now. I love mixing old and new. This style reminds me of the original tile in many of the older homes.
 The sink now!  We covered the existing countertop with concrete. I actually tackled this one all by myself so I'm a little bit proud of it.
And the walk through to the laundry room.
And the walk through is gone, making this a true master suite!
Notice the color of the tile in the previous picture compared to this one. We used tub and tile paint and brightened up all of the wall tiles.  That stuff is no joke! The smell is super strong and toxic so use a heavy duty filtered mask if you choose to do this. But it did the trick and the tiles look like new!
We brightened up the cabinets with fresh white paint, added a new faucet, and went with a vintage round mirror to soften things up a bit.
And....a fun, quirky print on the wall. 
And the wood...I love the wood.  Our style truly is very industrial, mixing vintage, modern and raw materials.  Didn't my husband do an amazing job on the wood walls and trim?!  He did the construction part of most of this and I tackled a lot of the design and all of the painting and staining. We make a heck of a team!
We still need to add a towel rack to that wood wall, but it's coming.
 House renovation projects are as great as time as ever to get things organized! With this renovation, we ended up completely switching around 3 rooms in our house! So, guess what?!  We got even more organized as I was already having to take everything out of closets anyway.  Thanks to these cute, inexpensive plastic baskets from Walmart, our bathroom is nice and tidy.  I smile everytime I open these cabinets.
Did I mention that we did our complete master suite renovation in 2 weeks?  Yep. I like to go all in, get it done, and sleep later! My husband is a trooper and loves me so well. 
Still playing catch up on rest but it was SO worth it! I love working on projects with him and now we get to enjoy our new space.

I'll post more in depth on the "how to" for many of these projects soon!
I hope you're inspired to tackle some diy of your own!
If you're working on a project, share with us in the comments.

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