Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our First Day of School

We survived our first day of home schooling yesterday, now only 165 more days to go!

Really, it is just Kindergarten but with that comes change, excitement, and challenges.

Our day to day has never really been scheduled.  I mean, sure we get up and eat breakfast around the same time every day, we eat lunch and take naps around the same time every day and we even eat dinner around the same time every day.  Aside from that, the kids and I have not really been on any kind of schedule.  We have gone and done and played as we wanted and as time and moods allowed.

As of yesterday, that is all changing.  My oldest is now in Kindergarten and so have begun our journey of home schooling.  It is going to be a long journey and pretty much life as we know it from here on out as we plan to home school all of our children for quite some time.

I am sure we will tweak this schedule as we get into a groove, but here it is for now.

Living by day.
*Our Schedule*

6am- wake up, time with the Lord
6:30am- work out and shower
7:30am- make coffee and milk cups

7:30- Kids are awake:
-bathroom and brush teeth
-kids dressed


9:30am- 11am- School

11am-12:00- Outside play

12:30- Lunch

1:00- 3pm- nap time

3:00-3:45- Story time/flash cards, etc (Monday-Wed)

*3:00-3:45- craft time (Tuesday and Thursday)

4-5pm- Free play in their rooms or outside (while I prepare dinner)

Friday- Free Day!!! (field trips or play dates)

As you can see, there is some time in between some of these slots not accounted for because I was unsure of how things would actually go so I wanted to leave myself some room.

Believe it or not, I really stressed myself out trying to figure out a schedule. I am sure this is partially due to me just being me and then throw in the plate of indecisive with a side of crazy (remember that post) and well, you've got yourself a mess!

Scheduling aside, our first day was a success...could've been better but also could've been worse.  I am looking forward to enjoying this time with them.  I am quite certain that I will be learning some valuable lessons as well, like patience.

Here he is, my big boy.  He insisted on wearing his backpack for the long walk to school from his bedroom to the kitchen table. No arguments was pretty cute and he was excited.

And of course little brother is doing school too, because he does everything his big brother does!  I think he was the most excited, especially when I gave him his own special notebook and crayons for school too.

There was no way baby girl was going to be left out of this adventure.  She was also thrilled about her special school notebook and crayon box too.

And I am pretty excited too....about this curriculum that is!  After looking at MANY home school curriculum's out there, My Father's World is what we decided upon.  As you have probably guessed by the name, it is a biblically based curriculum, which is what we really wanted.  It is really pretty great as it combines the best of Charlotte Mason, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical overview and international focus. I could go on and on about it myself, but if you're interested, you should check it out yourself at

The first ten days is an introduction lesson on Creation.  The first day they learned about how God created the light and called the light, day and the dark, night.  We are doing some really fun hands on things to go along with this lesson which I will sure in the days to come.

Do you home school your children? If so, what curriculum do you use?  How does your daily schedule look? Any tips from any home school veterans out there for some newbies like me?!  Bring it on! :)


  1. Looks great, Jenny! For some reason, I can't post on your actual blog unless I post anonymously but I wanted to answer your questions, so here goes.

    We use Saxon Math and A Beka for Science, Health, Reading, Language, History/Geography, Spelling, and Penmanship. For Reading we use the A Beka Speed and Comprehension book and the local library. We use Bob Jones' "Bible Truths: Redemption--God's Grand Design" and the Bible for Bible. We use Rosetta Stone for Spanish and I have a friend that is going to work with Farrell on acting, creative writing and, eventually, Latin.

    Our schedule is pretty flexible (that's the name of the game with Farrell) but we try to get up around 8 and have seperate quiet times then we have breakfast after Farrell has fed and walked the dogs, fed the chickens, brushed his teeth, put on deoderant, and made his bed (he has to have a morning routine or it throws his whole day off).

    Our school schedule is Bible, World History, a short break, Math, Spelling, then lunch. After lunch we do Language, Science or Health (we're on Health right now), a short break and then every other day after Health he alternates between Penmanship and Spanish. We end each day with Reading. I've got to order his book for Art (A Beka again) so we haven't started that yet. Thrown into all of this he will have 1-2 times a month scheduled to work with our friend, Toni on creative writing and acting. Also, his dad is teaching him to play bass and he's learning the mandolin with me. He is also interested in learning to play the trumpet which we have to get back from my sister whose kids borrowed it for band in their schools.

    We school four days on and one day off and that day off is usually a Life Skills day helping him to learn things like cleaning, cooking, shopping, navigating his way to a desired location, etc. Art will most likely be an occassional subject like music rather than an everyday subject. On top of all of this we try to schedule in time at the library and for field trips! Last year we took two awesome, out of town field trips to go along with his study of Egypt in World History/Geo and his Earth chapter in Science! :)

    Some days, we wake up and I can tell he is not going to do well for me that day so we make that entire day a reading day which is a LOT of fun for both of us. We read a books series together that he's interested in or we read one of the classics. Last year we read "Treasure Island", "The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood", "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", and "The Huntchback of Notre Dame". We also found a book series in the junior youth fiction section of our library that we enjoyed reading together. It has been fun sharing some of my favorites from childhood (Laura Ingalls Wilder's books) with him as well as finding new favorites together. I think reading is so, so important! You can base a whole unit study around a book you are reading together; looking for the locations the book is supposed to take place in (geography), talking about the time period it takes place and finding it on a running time line you put up on your wall (history), talking about customs of the people in the book (cultural studies), try recipes or projects the characters might have done(home ec., art, and shop), etc.

    The cool thing about homeschool besides actually being with your kids more than just a few hours before and after school is that you can be as flexible and creative as you want to be; building the studies around each child's personal interests so they are eager to learn. We loved our first year homeschooling last year and we are enjoying even more this year! :)

  2. Oh! I forgot to mention that he plays football in the fall and he is part of a therapeutic acting program called ACTS Jr. that is both in the fall and spring! This is Vicky, by the way! :)